is very easy and can be explained within a few minutes.

Siem Vriend
Cofely Energy & Infra

The service of is good, they will respond quickly to questions and often upgrade / update the software.

Dennis Buskoop
Bouwservice Buskoop BV


The functionality compared to our previous supplier is certainly equivalent, however, the people who use it don't necessarily need to follow education or training.

Mees Hazeleger
BAM Techniek Region Amsterdam


Working with pleases us so well that we also took a subscription for our office in Houston.

Marcel van der Hulst


(valid from 8 January 2014) Mecona IT BV is providing a free limited subscription to try out the application, hereinafter referred to as ‘demo subscription’. These terms and conditions only relate to the demo subscription. These terms and conditions are explicitly no conditions for use of the product of Mecona IT BV. The demo subscription serves to offer clients the opportunity to try out the application. Should the client wish to start using the product, Mecona IT BV will prepare a contract for this and send it to the client for signing.


  • No rights can be derived in any way whatsoever by using the demo subscription. In addition, Mecona IT BV is entitled to change or stop the demo subscription at any time without prior notification.
  • Mecona IT BV reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without any further notification.
  • These terms and conditions are also included on the registration page for the demo subscription. By clicking ‘Agree’ the user indicates that they have read the terms and conditions and that they agree with them.

Obligations of Mecona IT BV

  • Mecona IT BV does not have any obligations with regard to the demo subscription.

Obligations of the user of the demo subscription

  • Mecona IT BV assumes that the user has the correct and correctly functioning equipment to set up an internet connection.
  • Accessing our servers by any means other than via the application, hacking security systems, gaining access, for example, by means of a false identity, is not permitted.
  • Mecona IT BV strongly advises against disclosing user names and passwords to any third party. Mecona IT BV does not accept any liability for loss resulting from the dissemination and/or use of user names and passwords.
  • The client is personally responsible for the use of the application within his/her company, as well as for checking and security procedures.

Personal details

  • Personal details will never by provided to any third party, unless Mecona IT BV is forced to do so pursuant to the law or a court order.

Limitation of liability

  • Mecona IT BV has no liability whatsoever regarding the demo subscription.
  • The client is personally responsible for the use or misuse of user names and/or passwords that have been assigned. Mecona IT BV accepts no liability for any loss of personal data.
  • The use of the demo subscription by the client is entirely at his/her own risk.
  • Mecona IT BV accepts no liability for access gained to the data of the client by unauthorised persons or any loss resulting from this.
  • The indemnification described in these terms and conditions also applies in the event of gross negligence by Mecona IT BV.


Questions regarding support, sales and accounts are answered by email within 2 working days if possible. Mecona IT BV does not provide telephone support.


In connection with the sale or other transfer of all the key parts of the activities or assets of Mecona IT BV, the latter is entitled to transfer the demo subscription of the client in part or in full to a third party without prior notification.