is very easy and can be explained within a few minutes.

Siem Vriend
Cofely Energy & Infra

The service of is good, they will respond quickly to questions and often upgrade / update the software.

Dennis Buskoop
Bouwservice Buskoop BV


The functionality compared to our previous supplier is certainly equivalent, however, the people who use it don't necessarily need to follow education or training.

Mees Hazeleger
BAM Techniek Region Amsterdam


Working with pleases us so well that we also took a subscription for our office in Houston.

Marcel van der Hulst


Online warehouse management also has a number of benefits for companies in the shipbuilding industry. Thanks to the easy linking to internal systems and the abolition of the Excel files, efficiency is quickly being improved.

Dennis Geertse, warehousemanager Amels Yachtbuilding


“With fewer actions and error-free records!”

“When Amels was still a relatively small company, a number of Excel files were sufficient for managing our equipment. As our organisation grew, we needed a system to keep the testing of our hoisting equipment and our material records up to date – with as few actions as possible.

Since 2010, we have been working with Gereedschapbeheer with five colleagues on various sites. At that time, the transition went almost perfectly. It was easy to import our old Excel files. Once we had received a brief training session from Edwin Meijer, we were able to start using the new system straight away. In addition to the standard options, we are also very content with the special project module, which has been specially developed for us, as well as allowing us to have a financial overview of the materials for each project. And it is particularly useful that we receive automatic reminders when it is time for our hoisting equipment to be tested. We are increasingly using the many options that the system has to offer. For example, we are currently linking the testing equipment, which is providing us with a direct overview of the latest test results .

The system is practice-oriented and the online design enables us to add or retrieve information from anywhere we wish. We have recently started working with barcodes and that is once again resulting in fantastic time savings. By using many fewer actions, we can now be confident that our records are improved and error-free. The system is therefore appreciated internally. Our staff know where materials are at all times and they keep one another closely accountable for correct management and maintaining correct records. To summarise, it is an ideal means of maintaining records.”

Damen Amels Breko