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The inspection of fire extinguishers is laid down in the NEN 2559 standard. It states the number of mandatory servicings and inspections. Based on this, a fire extinguisher must be inspected at least once a year. This inspection is recorded in a report, preventing you from being held liable in the event of an emergency. You can now easily report these data in Gereedschapbeheer. With this online tool you will always have the correct and most recent data available regarding the testing of your fire extinguishers. Safe, reliable and always available.

Inspection criteria for hand-held fire-extinguishing equipment

Image inspect fire extinguishers

Inspecting a fire extinguisher according to NEN 2559

Fire extinguishers should be inspected based on the NEN 2559 standard for the servicing of hand-held fire extinguishers. This standard sets the following criteria:

Regular inspection:
You should regularly inspect your fire extinguisher regarding aspects such as presence, accessibility, usability, damage and instructions for use.

Annual specialist servicing:
This annual servicing should be performed by a technician with an REOB diploma from a company with REOB or NCP certification.

Five-yearly extensive specialist inspection:
After a period of five years, your fire extinguisher must undergo an extensive specialist inspection. The fillings are also replaced if required.

Ten-yearly extensive specialist revision:
After a period of ten years, your fire extinguisher is disassembled and fully tested by a specialist. Parts or fillings are replaced if required.

The maximum period of use of a fire extinguisher is twenty years.

Inspection with the online tool of Gereedschapbeheer

With the online webtool of Gereedschapbeheer, you will never again forget an inspection for your tools or equipment. The system automatically sends you a reminder if you have to test objects such as your fire extinguishers (or have them tested). This allows you to keep track of things easily and helps you create a safe workplace. Inspection is performed with our tablet app. You complete the checklists on site, directly on your tablet. This does not require an internet connection. When you go online again, all the inspection data are processed and the certificates are immediately made available under the relevant piece of equipment in the tool.

Would you like to know more about the inspection of fire extinguishers? Feel free to contact us or request the free demo.